About us

WILLIAM THI is a lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold progressive ideals and aesthetics. At it's heart we believe everyone should be comfortable in who they are and what they wear. 

Our philosophy is to design exceptional products that can be used and recycled time and time again. No shipping wastes to another country to deal with, or given to another industry as their problem. We recycle everything we sell.

About William Thi

William Thi was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. His love of fashion grew from a young age watching his mother sew.

He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology University in 2016, his talent quickly recognised by representing his university in the 2017 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival National Graduate Showcase, and then representing Melbourne at Hong Kong Design Week.

In 2018 William was announced Top 10 Emerging Designers by Lexus Melbourne Cup, and in 2019 awarded Australian Designer of the Year for his avant-garde designs.

Since being in the industry William noticed a problem with textile wastes. A whopping 84% of our clothing ends up in landfills and incinerators often transported to developing countries who have neither the technology or resources to dispose of these wastes. We need more brands to care about what happens at a products end of life.

William cares and that's why he researched and developed ways to create a circular fashion industry where end of life products can be recycled into new products that go back into the fashion industry.