We recycle everything we sell. As recycling can be difficult, we offer store credit on your next purchase for those doing the right thing.

Please check our FAQ below for our latest rates.

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Current rate for items returned for recycling

$5AUD store credit per 100g - (1 t-shirt is about 200g)

*rates subject to change depending on costs of materials and recycling processes

What can I return for recycling?

Every physical product purchased at www.williamthi.com can be recycled by us. Even the packaging we use to send out your order.

*packaging weight does not count towards credit incentive, but you are still able to send the packaging in for recycling.

What are your products recycled into?

Depending on the condition of the returned items they will either be recycled into fabric, or notions such as buttons or zippers. These recycled items will then be used in our products.

Is textile waste really an issue?

92 million tonnes of textile wastes is produced every year. While you may donate your old clothing to charity, the truth is according to the EPA a whopping 84% of our clothing ends up in landfills and incinerators. Worse still our textile wastes often end up in developing countries who have neither the technology or resources to dispose of these wastes.

Are there any other benefits to recycling?

Compared to virgin textiles, recycling textiles has been shown to reduce:

  • energy use by up to 50%
  • CO₂ emissions by up to 75%
  • water consumption by up to 90%

How do I return items for recycling?

Please email us at info@williamthi.com for instructions and a checklist before sending your items to us.

Do you accept items from other brands?

No, we only accept official WILLIAM THI products.

All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure they can be safely and reliably recycled.

What condition do the products have to be in for them to be recycled?

Items return for recycling can be in any condition as long as we can verify it is one of our products. However we cannot accept items contaminated with oil, dangerous chemicals, mildew, fungus, or mould.

Please wash and dry our items thoroughly before sending.

What happens if I send you items that do not comply with your recycling guidelines?

Items that do comply with our recycling guidelines will be returned to you.

Can other recyclers recycle your products?

It depends on what methods and processes they use. Check with your local recycler to see if they recycle the materials listed on your products care label.

Who is responsible for the shipping costs to return items for recycling?

You are responsible for the shipping costs to send to our recycle centre. However we will reimbursed you the cost of shipment in the form of store credit when you return 5 or more items.